Sadaf Farooqui



Sadaf Farooqui was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan.  She pursued her hobbies and won numerous awards in theatre and public speaking and chosen as the best debater in college and received accolades for her distinguished public speaking skills.


Sadaf moved to the United States in 2001 and got her BSc in Liberal Studies from Mercer University. She is working towards MBA in Project Management. She spent a long time in the field of education as Montessori School Directress, consultant, and trainer. While she was engaged in the field of education, she pursued her heart and established herself as a poetess, anchor, scriptwriter, and actor. Later on, she made it to newspapers & TV channels as a freelance journalist and met and interviewed numerous celebrities and influential literary figures. Sadaf was nominated as "the Poetess of the Year" in 2014 by Asian American Community of Georgia. 


After spending fifteen years in teaching, Sadaf started working for corporates like Marriott Hotel, IBM, UPS, and Ryan in various capacities. With over twenty years of experience in event planning and management, Sadaf is a reliable expert in organizing corporate and non-profit events, fashion shows, and fundraisers. She has a certification in Hotel Management specializing in "Banquets Sales, Marketing and Operations". Being an Accredited Event Designer from IWED, Sadaf has organized 2,000+ people conventions from planning to execution.


Sadaf founded Sapphire 786 LLC, a Georgia consulting firm, in 2021 and acquired Spring Hall Event Venue in April 2022. Her heart belonging to her native literature, Sadaf started a Podcast to preserve and spread Urdu, Hindi, Persian & Arabic classic literature to the next generation. Her podcasts are followed by thousands of fans.